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About Me

I help business owners to become their best version.

Too often leaders feel a strong desire to model their leadership behavior after a role model. That’s the easy way out from doing the hard work to be the authentic leader required. Join me as we walk along this path together, breaking down barriers along the way while influencing and inspiring at every opportunity.
  • I bring more than a dozen years of corporate business experience and 20 years of coaching into my work.
  • I work with the leader mentally, physically and spiritually. The Whole person.
  • Together we will create a leadership path that is sustainable for the long term.
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As a business leader or entrepreneur it can be very lonely at the top.

  • Are you inspiring, influencing and supporting your team? How do you know?
  • Who is your confidential sounding board, reflecting back to you what's not working and sharing the truth?
  • Who is challenging you to prepare for the next; Unscheduled Business Disruption?

Maybe it's time to explore coaching. I invite you to seek out a few coaches, and interview them to determine chemistry.Then simply try it on.


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