Working Virtually

How well does your team operate under stress?

How well does your team operate under stress?

Leading through the darkness of the remote workforce in 2020 and into the light of possibilities in 2021.

Working virtually with leaders this past year has not allowed me the enjoyment that comes with coaching leaders in person or working with their teams. While much of my work tends to be virtual, there are coaching or consulting assignments that call for some in-person work and for me that is so gratifying.

At some level, 2020 was a dark period both personally and professionally for people. The launch of the remote workforce for many meant no long commute, maybe a bit more sleep, working in my pj’s and the freedom of being home. For some, it meant seclusion, missing the social aspects of work, a beer or glass of wine after work and more important, depression. Hence the dark side of the remote workforce.

As leaders, what are you doing to lead people into the light of possibilities in 2021? What new and innovative designs are you creating for virtual High Potential Candidate Programs? How are you planning to virtually mentor the next generation of leaders? What kind of cool virtual On-boarding Programs await those talented new employees?

How do you plan to lead your people, teams, and organizations through the next unscheduled business disruption and into the light in 2021?