Emerging Leaders

Helping define a path for your emerging leaders

Helping define a path for your emerging leaders

Fast Track Your Path to the Top

You may have been a leader from an early age and knew it from the way other kids – and adults — treated you. Perhaps you aren’t a natural and took a longer, more difficult road, figuring out along the way that you were meant to lead.
Whatever your path, if you’ve been paying attention along the way, you know that good leaders become great leaders by continually seeking a better way for themselves and the people they lead.
It’s why you’re here.
John Arnold has been helping leaders like you for 20 years, showing them how to unlock potential they’ve never been able to access or perhaps never knew they had.
John’s work begins — as it has with hundreds of other top flight executives — with the simple question: Can he help you?
Not everyone who comes to John is a good fit for the work he does. That’s true of all human relationships, and John knows it. So he asks challenging questions, lots of challenging questions, to determine if there is a place to begin. That key starting point where leadership transformation begins.
“I find out where they really want to go as a leader, where they want to take their team and what’s in their way,” John says.
If there’s a good fit, and John knows you’re committed to the work, then the painstaking journey — a crucible for leadership, if you will — begins.
John will guide you to:
▪ A long term vision for yourself and your company

▪ A stronger executive presence, while developing a strong influential leadership style

▪ Stronger speaking skills, whether public or private

▪ A place where you understand the value of inspiring others.
Because of his reputation for helping leaders like you, John has what he calls “skin in the game.” That means he counts your success as his own in his role as coach, so don’t expect coddling or hearing what you want to hear. That’s not John’s role. In fact, some of the top executives in the world consider his honesty their ace in the hole and come back to John periodically to recalibrate their leadership skills.
With John, you will pick a handful of goals – no more than three or four. These can be organizational, personal, physical and even spiritual because John works with the whole person on this journey. You will assign a business impact to each and begin to “get uncomfortable,” as John says, making the changes big and small that will help you escape the gravity of your own limitations.
It’s not an easy process, but you’ve learned by now that nothing worthwhile ever is.
If you’re ready, take the next step, call us.